Get to know us

Here at The Bold Kind our first priority is spreading confidence in women of all shapes and sizes. We want you to feel like you are borrowing clothes from your sisters closet... except with a debit card ofc annd you get to keep the clothes(; We promote selflove and living Bolder, Braver lives starting with the right outfit! I hope you feel your best self in our clothes and always know that if you like it, wear it, and yes you can pull it off! We also prioritize sustainability and continue to make a conscious effort with our partners, vendors, and packaging to be ecofriendly. We partner with no issue tissue so you can feel good about your purchase. On our "sustainability is sexy page" we go in more depth about how we plan to save the planet. In a throw away society we hope to show you how you can rewear outfits efficiently. Yes I'm talking to you, outfit repeaters because good quality clothes that last is our priority as well. We are also big believers in "pre-loved" clothing and giving new life to old clothes. You can check out our pre-loved collection to see all of our repurposed thrifted finds just for you! Our name comes from the bible verse Joshua 1:9 and it explains that Jesus calls us, yes even you, to go and be bold and courageous. God calls all of us to a higher purpose, much higher than the clothes we put on our bodies but confidence is a mind set and if we can start with an outfit and make you feel Bold just once eventually you will be and you will be on your way to fulfil the purpose God as for your life. We fully believe in who God says that you are, worthy, loved, BOLD rather than what society says you should be, meek, or quiet, and putting you in a box. so lean into your most authentic self and lets be bolder together.